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Commercial Design

My commercial design work is represented well in this project for Benson Dental. Their building needed updating inside and out, and I was excited to bring fresh beauty and functionality to the interior and exterior. I did this by working with what the client had in place, such as the wood accent walls, rather than starting completely from scratch. It has been so neat to see patients appreciating the new seating area and reception room each time I've visited since the remodel!

Exterior—Before & After

Before, the building was monochromatic and unremarkable. I chose a bold color for the brick and replacement steel panels under the new windows. The client opted for a blue tint for the windows, which looks amazing in person! My goal was to make this building stand out amongst its surroundings, and the new color scheme achieves that perfectly. 

Waiting & Reception Areas

Before & after photos show the transformation of the waiting and reception areas to more functional and inviting spaces are. When people first walked in, they saw a soda machine. I had the wood panels stained to match the doors in the building and created a seating area where people can make a phone call, calm a fussy baby or relax while waiting (bottom left).

In the reception area, wallpaper, wood paneling and odd spaces were revamped into a beautiful space with a lakeside theme. The transformation was dramatic! I changed the dated blues and mauves to a warmer, more modern color scheme, and had walls moved to improve flow. The wood feature wall was sanded and painted to create a weathered look that brings to mind the dock at the lake.

Treatment & Office Areas

The first image shows one of the operatories before being transformed. This room featured odd corner windows and very dated finishes. The windows were removed and the wall moved in about 6 inches. The corner of the room was angled to allow better flow into the reception area. New cabinetry added much needed storage and gave the space a fresh look. Beautiful paint colors, artwork and accents add the finishing touches.

The reception desk and office area also became more open. A post and bumpout wall came out, and the result is much cleaner. Little touches bring a sense of calm, warmth and professionalism into the environment. All of the details, from construction to accents, truly came together!

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